Sacrament Preparation

Updates on all information are published in the weekly Newsletter.


There are designated Sundays through the church year for the celebration of this Sacrament.

Easter Vigil, 9th/10th April, 14th/15th May, Pentecost, 9th/10th July, 30th/31st July, 27th/28th August, 24th/25th September, 5th/6th November, 14th/15th January (2017)

It can take place at any of the Sunday Masses or at the times/locations below on the designated Sundays:


12:30 at The Assumption

13:00 at St John’s

We alternate for these celebrations between the two churches.

Details are published early in the new liturgical year and celebrations usually take place beginning on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which closes Christmastide and begins the Sundays in Ordinary Time.

Preparation for Baptism takes place in the Meeting Room of St John’s at 11:00 on designated Saturdays.

12th March, 23rd April, 11th June, 30th July, 10th September, 26th November


Adult Baptism

Preparation for this is ongoing through the year but would usually begin in September. Those preparing for Adult Baptism would need to speak to the Parish Priest or Deacon before joining the course. A celebration will often take place at the Easter Vigil.


Reconciliation/Holy Communion

Preparation for these Sacraments may begin in the Autumn of the year when a child will be 8 during that Academic Year.

Preparation takes place in the Church Hall (Jurgens Centre) at the Assumption. We are now following a process where the parents do the catechising themselves, sitting with their children and sharing the subject matter together. There are approximately 6 sessions for each Sacrament and a celebration of Reconciliation takes place after these sessions are complete, with the intention that a child and family will settle into the pattern of celebrating this sacrament on a regular basis in preparation for Holy Communion.

All details are published in the weekly newsletter.



The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrate with our Bishop as a Deanery celebration. This takes place in the chapel of St George’s College, Weybridge on 6th/7th July 2016.

Preparation again takes place in the Parish Hall, and in 2016 applications are already received from our teenagers in Year 10 or above at school. It is assumed that our young people will be familiar with their faith, because this Sacrament completes the Sacraments of Initiation begun with Baptism when parents committed to nurture their children in the ways of faith.

The programme this year will follow the pattern of faith development that Bishop Richard has set for the Diocese Mission formation and prayer.  There will be a Mass of Enrolment on 27th February at 18:00.  To complete the preparation there will be a half day of recollection on 30th April.


Sacrament of the Sick

This Sacrament can be celebrated at anytime and should be before a significant hospital procedure.  For the elderly, it can be celebrated at a Parish Mass or at home. Please be in touch with Fr. Hugh to arrange the Sacrament.


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