Catholic Web Links

The following Catholic links may be of interest to parishioners and visitors to the site. is the Vatican’s website and will take you to the English section. The website is quite hard to navigate because it contains so much information, so it may be best to use the alphabetical list to find your way around

On the list you will find most Papal encyclicals and documents, including the documents of the Second Vatican Council. You will also find a complete online Bible (using the New American Bible) with an online concordance. These are useful resources for anyone searching for quotes or wishing to cut and paste quotes.

The Catholic Church in England and Wales also has its own website which contains information about current matters as well as a useful archive This is the place to look for any press statements our Bishops may make, for example.

The American Bishops also have a very good website http:/ packed full of useful resources and information.

Our own diocese of Arundel And Brighton also maintains a website which can be found here This contains notices of diocesan events and diocesan news, as well as lots of information about the diocese, such as Mass times in all the parishes, and telephone numbers and addresses. It also provides a useful guide to all the central services that the diocese provides.

There are many Catholic newspapers on the internet. One that is increasingly popular is The Catholic Herald, which provides rolling comment on the issues of the day as they happen

Several other more specialised sites provide Catholic news as it happens. One such is Zenit, the Catholic news agency, to be found here

Also of interest is the Catholic News Agency to be found here

Readers may also enjoy New Advent, a site which has plenty of archived material, including the Catholic Encyclopaedia and the works of St Thomas Aquinas and many Fathers of the Church, as well as a daily round up of articles of Catholic interest that appear on the internet.

Finally, do you ever find it hard to remember which year it is, for the readings, or what today’s feast is? In doubt consult which acts as an online lectionary and breviary.


There are of course thousands of other very useful websites for Catholics which have not been included here. If you know of any and feel they should be included, please suggest them to the webmaster.


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