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Asbestos Removal – St John of Rochester

The contractors working on the insurance claim at St John of Rochester have provided the following timeline for the works and confirmation of when access is expected to be available:

Wednesday 29th November – Meeting room cleared and carpet removed – access to the room is available

Thursday 30th November and Friday 1st December – asbestos removal works – no access to the meeting room or kitchen, until the end of Friday – access may need to be limited over the weekend depending upon the amount of damage to the floor surface and the potential slip/ trip hazard it presents;

Monday 4th December – site investigation works – limited access – toilet facilities can be maintained but the investigation works will be noisy and there will be open excavations – safety barriers will be utilised to delineate safe walkways around the open excavations;

Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th December – drilling investigations – limited access – toilet facilities can be maintained but the drilling works will be noisy;

Thursday 7th December – potential reinstatement works to make the meeting room area safe – potentially no access for >5 hours whilst self levelling compound dries.

Friday 8th December – access as normal.


Insurance Investigations at St John’s

We have been offered a time slot from the Operations Manager of RAW group to continue the ongoing investigations for the next phase of works at St John of Rochester.

Investigations St John of Rochester.pdf

Fundraising for Renovation at the Assumption

A prospective buyer for the land we hope to sell (at our Englefield Green site) will be carrying out some surveys of the surrounding land. There will be a survey of the site, habitat (wildlife etc), trees, drainage and soil. We will keep you informed of any further developments and interest shown. Fr Chris has received two emails suggesting we could fundraise the expected £1.4 million instead of selling land! As the need to work on the Church is now even more urgent, this would be difficult as it would necessarily delay the start of work on the Church (and time is not on our side). However, in order to beautify and restore to a high specification, it has been suggested a ‘fund-raising committee’ could be formed for specific projects, such as the restoration of statues, side chapels, candles, vestments etc. Fr Chris would like to try to form a team of interested parishioners sometime after his return from the Holy Land.