The Best Exotic Family Group – Initial Get Together

The Best Exotic Family Group – Initial Get Together

30th November 2015


The Best Exotic Family Group – well, we had to come up with some kind of name – met together for the first time on Monday 30th November in the Meeting Room at St Johns. Two main aims of the session were:

  • to get to know the people in our Group
  • to have a chat about what we wanted to do as a Group

Thirteen members of the Group came along to the session and we easily achieved the aim of getting to know a few more people in the parish. On a personal level, I certainly have a few more people to say hello to when I’m at St Johns and I think the rest of the Group would say the same.

We agreed to keep things on a social level to begin with, aiming to meet at least once each month.  We plan to meet on Monday evenings initially but agreed we might have to look at evenings later in the week for some of the activities we discussed.

In terms of “things to do” during our meetings/get togethers, our discussions were quite wide ranging.  The list included:

  • Swop Shop – swapping unwanted Christmas presents
  • “cinema night”, i.e. playing a DVD which we could watch as a group (with drinks and nibbles, of course!)
  • Barbeque hosted in someone’s back garden with garden games (Giant Jenga, Boules, Pick-up sticks, etc) – obviously one that would be best scheduled for warmer months
  • A Great Parish Bake Off – the idea would be to find the champion baker in our Group (via a group tasting session) and then challenging the champions of other Parish Family Groups in a Grand Final
  • Wine Tasting – it appears we may have a bit of an expert in the Group – don’t worry Kevin, I won’t give your secret away
  • Board games
  • Ramble/country walk

Our next session will be at 7:30pm on Monday 11th January in St John of Rochester Meeting Room and we are going to be combining two of the activities from the above list.  We will start the evening with a Swop Shop – donations can be made for any of the items – someone’s unwanted gift may just be perfect for someone else! We will then finish the evening with a showing of the film ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (with drinks and nibbles).


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