Welcome to our Parish

A very warm welcome to the web site of The Parish of St Cuthbert, Egham, incorporating the Catholic churches of Our Lady of the Assumption, Englefield Green (EG) and St John of Rochester, Egham Hythe (EH). Our Parish Priest is Canon Chris Spain and his contact details can be found here.

February Update from the Parish Finance Committee

The finance team have issued an update about our parish finances and  the recent activity on the parish renovation project. The document is available here.  (Trust me, you really want to see how things are coming on at The Assumption – Website Editor)

Safeguarding training (updated)

The Diocese require all individuals who work with vulnerable groups (children, young people or adults at risk) to undertake Diocesan Safeguarding Awareness Training. Details of how this can be undertaken during lockdown are available here.

The details of the DBS Forms on the Diocesan website are as follows;
This is the link to the page where the Diocesan DBS forms are: https://www.abdiocese.org.uk/safeguarding/resources

You need to scroll right to the bottom of the page to see the forms. 
Please complete before 31st March 2021

First Reconciliation & First Holy Communion 2021

The parish uses the “Growing-up Catholic” programme, where parents and children meet with catechists on a weekly basis either online or in person (according to circumstances and current guidelines). With the help of material provided by catechists, parents pass down their faith to their children. More information about the programme can be found on http://www.growingupcatholic.com/

The programme in our Parish
If you live in the parish and your child is currently in Y3 or above and you wish to prepare them for their First Reconciliation and First Communion, you need to register them. Registration forms can be downloaded here, and should be completed and returned by 13th January 2021 to fhc_team@stcuthbertegham.onmicrosoft.com . Please save your completed registration document using the child’s name and attach it to the email.

First Reconciliations are planned to be celebrated in March, subject to COVID guidelines. First Holy Communion masses are planned for May and/or June, with details to be finalised closer to the time.

For further information please contact: fhc_team@stcuthbertegham.onmicrosoft.com and someone will reply as soon as possible.

Catholic Bishops’ Conference – Statement on Safeguarding

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference have released the following statement regarding Safeguarding in the Catholic Church.

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