Welcome to our Parish

A very warm welcome to the web site of The Parish of Egham, incorporating the Catholic churches of Our Lady of the Assumption, Englefield Green (EG) and St John of Rochester, Egham Hythe (EH).

Our Parish Priest is Father Hugh Flower and his contact details can be found here.

Gift Aid – Important Changes

For the attention of all Gift Aid donors: On 6 April 2016 some changes to tax allowances became effective. Please remember that you must have paid sufficient Income/Capital gains tax that is at least equal to the amount reclaimed on all your Gift Aid donations to charities. If you have paid insufficient tax you will have to repay the shortfall. The best way to ensure that you are compliant with the new guidelines is to check the Gift Aid statements which are provided annually. Moving forward we will be looking to distribute the statements via email.

If you need tax advice please contact either your tax office or professional tax adviser.

David Keel will be talking to the parish after masses in the coming weeks.  David is happy to be contacted should you require any further information.  David can be reached at  01784  459495  or via email at dkeel1@sky.com

Parish Forum

The Parish Forum took place in the Jurgens Centre on 10th May.  The slides used during the session can be viewed here.

RCIA: Dates for 2016

The sessions relating to the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) for 2016 are open to anyone interested in becoming a catholic, interested in being confirmed, or who just wants to know a little bit more about their faith and doesn’t know where to start. We use the material from the Sycamore programme https://sycamore.fm/.

The sessions start at 7:30pm at the Jurgens Centre. A meal and some refreshments are provided. We aim to finish the sessions by 9:15.

We already had 2 sessions (the search for Happiness, and does God exist?), and 8 more are planned

The coming sessions are
Tuesday 17th May: Who is Jesus Christ?
Monday 6th June: The Holy Spirit on our lives
Monday 20st June: Why do we need the Church?
Monday 4th July: Can we trust the Bible and the Christian Tradition?
Monday 18th July: The Gift of Faith

Three more sessions will follow, (the power of prayer, the meaning of love and how do I discover the purpose of my life?) but the dates still need to be fixed.

Please contact Zoe Jeppeson (zjeppeson@gmail.com) for further details.

2 responses to “Welcome to our Parish

  1. What are ‘normal mass times ‘?
    (a visitor looking for a catholic church on 27 December)

    • The normal mass times are listed at the top of the right hand column on the landing page of the we site.
      9.15am St John’s Egham Hythe
      11am The Assumption, Englefield Green


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