Welcome to our Parish

A very warm welcome to the web site of The Parish of Egham, incorporating the Catholic churches of Our Lady of the Assumption, Englefield Green (EG) and St John of Rochester, Egham Hythe (EH). Our Parish Priest is Father Chris Spain and his contact details can be found here.


The insurance company dealing with the damage to St John of Rochester have appointed the RAW Group to investigate the extent of the pollution. The most recent update from the RAW Group can be found here.


This document summarises the parish consultation that was initiated by Bishop Richard and completed in the Autumn of 2016. Grateful thanks to everyone who have contributed to the consultation process.

Parish Consultation Document Summary May 2107



2 responses to “Welcome to our Parish

  1. Hello,
    I’m contacting you from Tipperary in Ireland. I’m trying to find out if my parents were married in one of your parish churchs and was wondering if you can check the register for me. I think they were married in St. John of Rochester church.
    My mothers maiden name was Helen Fitzgerald and my fathers name is Joseph Patrick Graham. They were married on the 25th November 1967.
    As it’s coming up to their 50th wedding anniversary, we their children were going to send them on a little trip back to visit the church where they got married.
    I would really appreciate your help Sally, looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    Valerie Condon

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