Welcome to our Parish

A very warm welcome to the web site of The Parish of St Cuthbert, Egham, incorporating the Catholic churches of Our Lady of the Assumption, Englefield Green (EG) and St John of Rochester, Egham Hythe (EH). Our Parish Priest is Canon Chris Spain and his contact details can be found here.

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Richard

Bishop Richard has issued an important Pastoral Letter this weekend. He reminds us that we are at a “significant moment in the life of the whole Church and the world.” We are all encouraged to re-read his letter and engage in the Synod Process. This is our chance to shape and form the Church of the future.

Surrey Faith Links

Surrey Faith Links seeks to build good relationships between Faith organisations and other sectors, particularly local authorities, public services and voluntary and community groups so that together they may better serve the people and places of Surrey. They publish a monthly newsletter which can be read here.

Update on Donations to the Parish

The Gift Aid page on this website has been updated to help parishioners the options they have for making donations to the parish. As well as collections after mass, options are available to donate through standing orders or online via a Diocese web form.

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Richard

This Pastoral Letter from Bishop Richard concerns the Assisted Suicide Bill making its way through the House of Lords.

He asks us to read and reflect on this worrying matter.

Parish Volunteers – Safeguarding Survey

Throughout the Catholic Church in England & Wales, we are blessed with many volunteers who, supported by parish clergy, generously give their time to support sacramental programmes, childrens’ liturgy, youth work, outreach to the sick and housebound and many other activities. Everyone involved in such activitiesshare a trust and responsibility to safeguard others and themselves and should be supported in this.

Following an independent review of safeguarding arrangements in the Catholic Church of England & Wales, the Catholic Safeguarding Project is asking volunteers to participate in a survey about what arrangements are in place currently and how best to support volunteers in the future.

The letter here explains this in a little more detail and the survey can be found via the this link.

Appeal for Volunteers – Your Parish needs you

As we get closer to the re-opening of The Assumption, there are many jobs still to be done. A number of people have contributed hugely to the renovation but, for the final push, we really need to grow that team and get all the final pieces in place.

Jim Forkin has compiled a list of the outstanding tasks. Please take a look at it and step forward either as a task owner or as part of the team. Nobody on the team is a professional. We just need enthusiastic parishioners willing to give up some time and effort in the service of our Parish.

February Update from the Parish Finance Committee

The finance team have issued an update about our parish finances and  the recent activity on the parish renovation project. The document is available here.  (Trust me, you really want to see how things are coming on at The Assumption – Website Editor)

Safeguarding training

The Diocese require all individuals who work with vulnerable groups (children, young people or adults at risk) to undertake Diocesan Safeguarding Awareness Training. Details of how this can be undertaken during lockdown are available here.

The details of the DBS Forms on the Diocesan website are as follows;
This is the link to the page where the Diocesan DBS forms are: https://www.abdiocese.org.uk/safeguarding/resources

You need to scroll right to the bottom of the page to see the forms. 

First Reconciliation & First Holy Communion 2021The parish uses the “Growing-up Catholic” programme, where parents and children meet with catechists on a weekly basis either online or in person (according to circumstances and current guidelines). With the help of material provided by catechists, parents pass down their faith to their children. More information about the programme can be found on http://www.growingupcatholic.com/

The programme in our Parish
If you live in the parish and your child is currently in Y3 or above and you wish to prepare them for their First Reconciliation and First Communion, you need to register them. Registration forms can be downloaded here, and should be completed and returned by 13th January 2021 to fhc_team@stcuthbertegham.onmicrosoft.com . Please save your completed registration document using the child’s name and attach it to the email.

First Reconciliations are planned to be celebrated in March, subject to COVID guidelines. First Holy Communion masses are planned for May and/or June, with details to be finalised closer to the time.

For further information please contact: fhc_team@stcuthbertegham.onmicrosoft.com and someone will reply as soon as possible.

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